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2019 "Fuse Technology and Application" Forum
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On April 18, the first "Fuse Technology and Application" Forum, which was advocated by Xi'an Jiaotong University, hosted by the Secretariat of National Fuse Standardization Technical Committee and organized by Xi'an sinofuse Electric, was successfully held in Xi'an. As the first professional forum in the field of fuse in China, 12 industry experts and 100 representatives of famous enterprises, application customers, universities and research institutes at home and abroad were invited to make reports on the development, application and standardization of fuse products and technologies.

First of all, Ji Huiyu, the director of National Technical Committee for Fuse Standardization, gave an opening speech and gave a report on the theme of "Current Situation and Future Development of Fuse" with rich experience of participating in the preparation and revision of fuse standards. From the perspective of domestic fuse standards, he analyzed the current national standards and industry standards in the field of fuses and the future development plan of fuse standardization.

Mr. Shi Xiaoguang, deputy general manager of Sinofuse, as the representative of the organizer, delivered a welcome speech at the opening ceremony of the forum and gave a report on the theme of "some changes of fuse application requirements in new energy industry". The application requirements of fuses for new energy vehicles are proposed through the introduction of the development of new energy industry.

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