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Recently, some lawbreakers use the Internet to promote, sell our products and solicit business. This illegal act has caused great distress to the company and also caused serious damage to the goodwill of our company.

In view of this, the Company declares as follows: 
Xi'an Sinofuse Electric Co., Ltd. has never promoted and sold its products on the Internet, nor has it ever authorized any third party to promote and sell its products on the Internet. The acts of all those who use the name of Xi'an Sinofuse Electric Co., Ltd. to solicit external business have nothing to do with our company, such as using the shopping app to promote and sell our products; our company will not be responsible for all the problems arising from such acts. Relevant partners must be cautious, and if such illegal acts are found, please obtain evidence in time and report to the local authorities to avoid being deceived! 
If you have any business cooperation needs, please leave a message on the official website of Xi'an Sinofuse Electric Co., Ltd.: (please indicate your cooperation intention, thanks), or contact our company: 029-68590655 for related inquiries.
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December 29, 2020             
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